2016 Ironman Florida Winner Jack McAfee

Check out our chat with 2016 Ironman Florida winner Jack McAfee!

We discuss:

  • His early days in short course racing
  • The initial struggles he had with half and full distance races
  • A very unlucky day at Ironman Chattanooga 2016 —“There was one point where I had my handlebars, my helmet, a wheel all juggling in my hands and my bike was in pieces”
  • The progression of his Ironman Florida race–choppy swim, windy bike, and closing the gap on the run.
  • What a first time Ironman winner does at the finish line



Photos courtesy of Nick Morales

Show Music

Intro Music Jazzhar “1000 Miles”

Bumper Music WFB9 “Dislocated”

Close Music by Brandon Liew “Fight”