Ask the Ref with USAT Official Al Hennigan

Al Hennigan is the Southeast Regional Officials Coordinator, and has been a certified USAT and USA Cycling official for many years.

We talked about many topics, including:

  • How do people become USAT offiicials?
  • What do officials get paid? Are there any benefits?
  • What are the most commonly violated rules?
  • What rules are hardest to enforce?
  • An official rides by me on the bike course and writes something down. Am I in trouble?
  • How does the overtaking rule relate to the drafting rule?
  • Does one athlete giving another athlete something on course (a tube, extra water, CO2 cannister) violate the “outside assistance” rule?


Reading the rules is always helpful. While officials review the most important rules before the race, you may not catch all of them or may just have your mind elsewhere. Go to

To contact Al with any questions, including how to become an official, go to

Music Credits

Intro – “Roads that Burned Our Boots” – Jazzhar

Transition – “Glass Android” -Lee Rosevere

Close – “Epic Song” – Boxcat Games