Protect Yourself on the Bike – Safety and the Law

Just about everyone has had a close call biking on the road. Recreational and competitive cycling has some inherent risks. In this episode, we talk to several guests from a variety of backgrounds about how to minimize risk and protect yourself physically and legally.

P Mark Taylor
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P Mark Taylor

Running and triathlon coach who was the victim of a hit and run accident. We spoke about the circumstances of the wreck and how his perception of risk and actions have been impacted by being involved in a wreck.

Joshua Reed

Joshua Reed Cycling Attorney Knoxville

Personal injury lawyer with a specialty in bike law. We covered topics such as:

  • The number one thing you should do if you’re hit by a car
  • How to gather the most compelling evidence from the scene
  •  How to protect yourself (both physically and legally) by going above and beyond what the law requires.
  • Why alleging another driver acted intentionally to hit you may by detrimental for your being made whole.

Get in touch with Joshua Reed at his website

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson Cycling Attorney Bike/Walk Knox
Via Bike Law Network

Lawyer with the Bike Law network and advocate for Bike/Walk Knox and Bike/Walk Tennessee.

We talked about how Tennessee ranks when it comes to bike safety, what challenges and opportunities bike infrastructure and legislation present and how to get involved to create safer roads for all users. We also covered the importance of educating politicians and law enforcement on cyclist’s use of the roads.

You can reach Amy at if you have a legal question or want to learn more about getting involved in bike and pedestrian advocacy. 

Edward Wimmer

Edward Wimmer Road ID

The founder of Road ID, along with his father Mike, Edward joined us to talk about the history of his company, the top reasons to carry ID (beyond just your driver’s license) and how their product has made a difference in life-and-death situations. We also talked about the popular Road ID app and just how many of the delightfully whimsical eCrumb completion emails he’s written.


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