Bonus Show: Ultra Runner Jan Walker on Her Cross-Country Trip

We last spoke with triathlete and ultra runner Jan Walker in March, two weeks into her cross-country trip. Six months later, she’s in the studio in Knoxville, TN, with only 600 miles to go until her finish at the 9/11 Memorial in Washington, DC. When she completes her run, she’ll be one of the oldest documented females to make that epic journey.

Jan’s run raises awareness and funds for the 9/11 Memorial Trail–a multi-use trail system being created between the three 9/11 crash sites. The project helps to connect existing trail sites, obtain land use easements where needed, and get national trail recognition from Congress.

In this episode, Jan talks about the amazing experiences she’s had, people she’s met, and some of the practical realities of life on the road and traveling by foot.

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