You Can Beat the Binge with a “B+” Nutrition Plan

Do you eat to train or train to eat?

It’s easy to fall into a “burn it to earn it” mentality and ignore the fact that your hard-working body would really like to process some healthy food after a long bike ride, run or swim.

It’s also easy to obsess about a perfect approach, track every calorie and make nutrition so stressful that even healthy eating can become a negative part of your life.

Nutrition and strength coach Katie Dotson advocates a “B+” approach to nutrition. You don’t have to track every bite. You can indulge within reason. Perfect is overrated, practical is the goal.

We talked with Katie about her journey as an athlete and nutrition coach, her experience as a user of and certified coach with Precision Nutrition, and how athletes can change attitudes and behavior toward food in a simple, low-stress environment that will give your body the nutrients it needs to achieve your goals.

Katie Dotson Triathlete

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