Diet Trends, Nutrition Myth Busting and More with Andrea Kendrick, RD

We looked back through the show archives  and noticed it had been a while since we did a show on nutrition for endurance athletes.

After Chris finished off his quart of ice cream, he typed up a note to Andrea Kendrick, RD, and this show is the result!

Nutrition is a wide-ranging subject, and so was our conversation. Some topics covered include:

  • Where to get reliable nutrition information. (Some good places to start include, and SCAN (Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition) which are run by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the CPSDA  (dieticians working with NCAA, Olympic and other professional athletes)
  • The difference between a “Registered Dietician” and “Nutritionist”
  • Why so many people try to cobble together their nutrition strategy based on web research instead of consulting a trained professional.
  • Cravings: do they mean anything? How can we manage them in a healthy way?
  • Ketogenic diets: can they be effective for endurance athletes?
  • Meal planning–what should be on your plate. (See this info from Team USA)
  • Andrea’s favorite quick meal options for busy triathletes
  • The one nutritional myth that needs to go away
  • Andrea’s favorite cheat food.


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