Dr. Kevin Sprouse Answers Your Questions

Dr. Kevin Sprouse of Provision Sports Medicine and the Cannondale Pro Cycling Team  answers your questions in our first medical Q & A on Lost in Transition! 

Hear Kevin field questions on:
  • Warm-weather training
  • Polarized training plans
  • Avoiding back pain in the aero position on the bike (check out Foundation Training’s site)
  • How to tell injury pain from training discomfort
  • Combating cramps (including the product “It’s the Nerve
  • High fat diets for endurance athletes
  • Alternatives to Gu for long training and races
  • How much sodium is too much?
  • Cardiac issues in endurance athletes
Also, we talk about upcoming local races and events. Check out Rocky Top Multisport Club’s events page for more info.