Dr. Kevin Sprouse Talks TUEs, Tech and Testing for Triathletes

Fan-favorite Dr. Kevin Sprouse returns as the Lost in Transition recordholder (this is his fourth show!).

Kevin is the “Head of Medicine” for a UCI Pro Cycling Team with perhaps the longest name in the spot. “EF Education First Drapac Presented by Cannondale.” At this time this hits the show feed, he’ll be in Italy for a spring training camp with the team.

We talked about the recent doping controversies in cycling and triathlon, as well as the process that athletes have to go to get a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for an otherwise-banned substance. Many sports medicine doctors that deal with age-group triathletes are not aware of items on the banned list, or assume having a prescription will cover you. It will not.

It’s always a great idea to check out US Anti-Doping Agency’s FAQs about banned substances for recreational competitors, as well as using the database at Global DRO to search items on the banned list.

We also talked about some of the latest technology and testing he’s using at his practice (Podium Sports Medicine) and revisited the most frequently-asked question this time of year: “When can I train through illness and when do I need to just STOP?”a

We also talked a bit about his 2018 schedule and role in supporting former Cannondale rider, now turned triathlete, Andrew Talansky.