Endurance Athlete Entrepreneur: Orange Mud’s Josh Sprague

Josh Sprague grew up with the crazy adventure that an outdoorsy life in a small town brings.  His passion for design and “taking what sucks about a product and making it better” combined with his passion for endurance sports to create Orange Mud.


From humble beginnings and hand-stitched prototypes in 2012, Orange Mud has become known worldwide as the purveyor of premium hydration products for serious endurance athletes. They’ve branched off into other products as well, such as their transition wrap which provides convenience,  privacy and may save you an indecent exposure charge on your record 😉

Through the craziness of working in medical device sales, founding Orange Mud, and having young kids at home, Josh has continued to train for crazy events (100 and 200 mile gravel bike rides and 100 mile trail runs are all on the docket for this year). Coffee helps, and we talked about the story of how he bought the most awesome coffee machine available to man to help “save time” in the Starbucks line. (His wife may or may not have bought that line).

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