Episode 7: Meet The Engine that Drives Rev3

As we look forward to the Rev3 Knoxville race on May 22nd, we wanted to talk to the people that make such a large event come together. Ashley Quinn and Tracy Bryant joined us on the show talk about their role in making Rev3 a success.

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We covered a lot of ground, including: 

  •  History and development of the Knoxville race
  • That one time Rev 3 President Eric Opdyke bought it on the infamous train tracks
  • The unique way they celebrate each the last-place finisher at each race
  • Where they’d hold a race if money and logistics were not an object (Anyone for Rev3 Anchorage?)
  • Swimmers that really want to practice in rip tide and hurricanes
  • The open water swim race and clinic that has been added to this year’s Knoxville race
  • The perks of volunteering. Hint…hint….
Also, Chris and Lana cover some local and national triathlon news, including the Toughman Triathlon brand coming to Tennessee in 2017, Jesse Thomas‘ sixth win at the Wildflower Triathlon, and some major changes coming to the Ironman Texas bike course.