Episode 8: Belgian ITU Athlete and Olympic Hopeful Valerie Barthelemy

On this special bonus podcast, Belgian pro triathlete and 2020 Olympic hopeful Valerie Barthelemy joins us to talk about her career. She’s kicking off her 2016 season as part of the pro field at Rev3 Knoxville, and is a longtime Michigan resident, so our resident Michigander (Chris) just had to get the interview!

In this show, you’ll hear:

  • About being a walk on at the University of Michigan swim team
  • Why her major and day job also relate to efficiency in the water
  • What prompter her decision to take up triathlon after college
  • The most common misconceptions people have when they hear she’s a pro triathlete
  • The qualification process to get into the 2020 Olympics representing Belgium
  • Travelling as a triathlete (her approach to travel is befitting of her engineering background)
  • Race plans for 2016

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and at valeriebarthelemy.com.

You can also check out some of her favorite recipes she wrote up for one of her sponsors, Flatout Bread.

Valerie Barthelemy - Pro Triathlete Valerie Barthelemy - Pro Triathlete - Swimming Valerie Barthelemy - Pro Triathlete - RunningValerie Barthelemy - Pro Triathlete - Swimming