Great Triathlon Gear on a Budget with William Norris

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On this show, William Norris of Bike N’ Tri joins us to talk about our very gear-intensive sport. How do you go fast without going broke?

We cover topics such as:

  • Gear on a budget–which is best return on investment? What kind of setups are recommended for budget, mid-range and high-end triathletes?
  • What items that may have been new and expensive five years ago are now more affordable?
  • Most overlooked piece of equipment that is critical to get right
  • The most overrated gear you can (probably) do without
  • Hottest new items / technology in the sport for 2017
  • What’s good for triathletes/cyclists to have done at this time of year – tune-up, etc.
  • Shop rides and runs and any other upcoming events.

Also, we chat with Anja Smith, creator of the newest swim game for triathletes “Drill Deck.” It’s a great way to make your workouts varied and fun while keeping technical swimming skills sharp. Check it out and use promo code “TRANSITION10” for $10 off and free US Shipping.



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