Ironman Florida 2017 Winner Elyse Gallegos

It was great to have 10-time Ironman and 3-time Kona qualified Elyse Gallegos back on the podcast!

When we last spoke to her,  she was prepping for Kona 2016. This year, she was looking to punch her Kona ticket again after returning to the island again in 2017.

The race she selected was Ironman Florida, just a few weeks after Kona. Her better than expected recovery from Kona, coupled with her lobbying her coach to let her do Florida (with an altered game plan and some restrictions), made the quick turnaround possible.

The result was better than she could have expected. A PR on almost every leg and a first-place overall finish!

We talked about:

  • Her 2017 season at large: goals and results
  • How the day unfolded during her IM Florida win
  • The physical and mental challenges of racing three races in 8 weeks (70.3 World Championships, Kona, and Florida)
  • How her training has changed living in flat and warm Florida
  • Her experience with the Timex Multisport Team
  • Does she plan to get a Pro card?