Keep Moving Forward: Age Group World Champion Kirsten Sass

Kirsten Saas Triathlon Age Group Champion
via Facebook. Used with permission.

Kirsten Sass is fast. The West Tennessee age group triathlete turned in a time at the 2016 ITU Long Course World Championships that would have beaten the 10th-place pro. Her triathlon career had humble beginnings–a 3-hour Olympic distance race on an ill-fitting bike borrowed from her triathlete dad.

Kirsten Sass crossed finish line at 2016 ITU Long Distance World Championship
2016 ITU Long Distance World Championships, via Facebook. Used with permission.

These days, Kirsten is a perennial favorite at that race “Memphis in May.”  Her husband serves an important role in the race as well–he escorts the final finisher across the line dressed as Elvis.

Since 2009, Kirsten been a force to be reckoned with on the ITU circuit. She’s been to numerous U.S. and World Championships in several distances. After an age-group win at Ironman Lousiville 2016, she’s also heading to Kona for the third time later in 2017.

Kirsten Sass crossing the finish at Ironman Louisville 2016.
Sass crossing the finish at Ironman Louisville 2016. Via Instagram. Used with permission.

With two kids and a full-time job, she’s  very adept at balancing a high-performance triathlon career while keeping family first. Outside triathlon, she is also active on the bike racing circuit in West Tennessee.

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