Lori Nedescu — Pro Cyclist, Marathoner, Instagrammer and Recovering Triathlete

Lori Nedescu is a pro cyclist, elite marathoner, and has created quite a buzz on Instagram with her amazing pictures of healthy, portable recipes and her adventures travelling and living out of a retrofitted van.

In this episode, we talk to Lori about:

  • Travelling and living out of a retrofitted van
  • How she handles nutrition with limited space and cooking facilities on the road
  • How she’s influenced the nutrition habits of teammates on the Welland Racing pro cycling team
  • Balancing her job with her extensive travel
  • Breaking the three hour mark (on four occasions) in the marathon
  • Training for the Rim2Rim2Rim Ultra Marathon in the Grand Canyon
  • Her foray into triathlon (and why she decided to focus on one sport at a time)
  • Her favorite race experiences (not the time she got hypothermia during an Alpine descent in France)


Follow Lori online at The Cadence Kitchen and on  Instagram,  Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest