Train Your Brain for Triathlon Success with Mental Performance Coach Emily Johnson

How much can mental performance affect your PRs, Podiums and overall well-being?  Mental Performance Coach Emily Johnson shares her experience in coaching endurance athletes and the keys to training your brain to increase your performance, rather than drag it down.

We cover topics such as:

  • What mental challenges or issues occur at higher frequency among endurance athletes?
  • Just how much effect does mental state have on physical performance?
  • Calming techniques for racing
  • Addressing fears and worries
  • How to develop positive self-talk
  • How to establish a workout mentality
  • Establishing a purpose for the workout to make training effective
  • How visualization can help you keep a clear head in the middle of stressful situations (like a race)
  • Why does the big post-event let down occur? How can we minimize it?
  • How to not let sport become an unhealthy obsession  (See this quiz on Exercise Addition)

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Show Open: Jazzhar “Roads that Burned Our Boots”
Show Close: Boxcat Games “Epic Song”