Meredith Dolhare (Ironman/UltraMan/Badwater/RunningWorks)

Meredith Dolhare goes big in everything she does.

From the couch to an Ironman in a matter of months, to Ultraman, to some of the most challenging ultra running races in the world, including Badwater 135, the more audacious the goal, the more motivated she gets.

Meredith has tackled challenges beyond the grueling demands of racing and training at an elite level. She has broken each foot three times a piece, her dreams of pro tennis career ended with a shoulder injury, and she suffered a spinal rupture during Ironman Kona in 2011. She also battled addiction to drugs and alcohol after the birth of her second child and has faced the challenges of recovery.

The at-times difficult path she has followed has given her an incredible mental toughness and perspective that she brings to her not-for-profit “Running Works,” a Charlotte, NC-based organization that uses running as a vehicle to help homeless adults and children in unstable housing situations overcome challenges in their own lives.


We had a great time talking to Meredith, and you can’t help but catch her enthusiasm for encouraging others to use sport as a method for improving their lives.

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