Michigan Titanium Race Report – First Time 140.6 Reflections

We are joined by special guest Jenn Gerard to recap her first 140.6, and keep Chris honest in his retelling of events!

In this fun, meandering roundtable, Lana and Derek quiz Jenn and Chris on the highlights of the Michigan Titanium full-distance race that took place just 12 days before this recording.

Some topics include:

  • Stories from their athletic pasts (including Chris’s first DIY training plan for a half marathon that was a bit *too* ambitious
  • Why a a full distance race?
  • Why Michigan Titanium?
  • Best and worst parts of training
  • How post-race recovery isĀ  going?
  • Best part of the day
  • How they helped family and friends get the most out of the day
  • Considering another full?
  • How the plan matched up with reality
  • The most important thing for others considering this race to know
  • And many other random segues…