NCAA Triathlon with Jess Luscinski and Janine Pleasant

On this episode, we learn more the emerging sport of NCAA Triathlon. We spoke with USA Triathlon’s NCAA Coordinator Jess Luscinski and East Tennessee State University’s Triathlon coach, Janine Pleasant.

Jess Luscinski
Jess Luscinski

We talked with Jess about:

  • The process to get triathlon approved as an emerging sport
  • Why women vs men? More interest? Title 9 requirements?
  • What does it mean to be an “emerging sport?”
  • What current schools have signed on? Any new ones coming for 2017?
  • What resources and support is USAT providing for schools that are adding triathlon as a sport?
  • Elite athlete development–the past performance pipeline compared with the new one including NCAA
  • What results does USAT hope to see by adding collegiate-level competition to the pipeline?
  • Assuming approval as a championship sport, is the hope to have a large amount of colleges with active club teams convert to a NCAA team?
  • Are NCAA triathletes allowed to compete in non NCAA triathlons (or other single-sport events?)
  • Ways age groupers can support triathlon at a collegiate level?


Janine Pleasant (Courtesy ETSU)
Janine Pleasant (Courtesy ETSU)

We talked with Janine about:

  • How ETSU’s first season of triathlon has gone
  • Competition format
  • What races has your team entered in? 
  • How she came to be at ETSU
  • Recruitment Process
  • Outlook for the rest of the season (2016 Women’s Collegiate Triathlon National Championship) on Nov 5. (and next year)

Follow Janine and  ETSU Bucs Triathlon at their website.

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