Open Water Part 2: Anna Cleaver

Anna Cleaver Muncie Swim

In part two of our Open Water Swimming show, we talk to swimmer-turned-triathlete Anna Cleaver. Anna set many swim records in her native New Zealand, and now lives and trains in Chattanooga, TN.  She holds the Ironman swim time record, set in 2014 and is first out the water in many of the races in which she competes. She helps others increase their swim potential at her website

In this episode, we talk with Anna about:
  • Her swimming background
  • How she got into, out of, and back into triathlon
  • Her record swim performance at Ironman Chattanooga 2014
Anna also answers questions from listeners, including:
  • The most common mistake beginners make
  • The most common technique problem for experienced swimmers
  • The role of the kick in triathlon swimming
  • Maximizing drafting potential
  • Dealing with adverse water conditions (current, chop, shore break)
  • Efficiency in training–attaining maximum results in minimal time
  • …and the age-old debate: are flip turns worth it?
Also in the show:
Anna Cleaver swimming at Ironman Chattanooga