Open Water Swim Skills with Jay Peluso

Now that we’re seeing 80+ temps in parts of the U.S., we thought it was time to revisit the triathlete’s nautical nemesis–open water swimming.


You may have seen Jay Peluso at a Rev3 Triathlon race before (he’s usually the one giving the race briefing), but he’s also a  two-time All-American swimmer, seven time New England Swimming Champion and a member of the the Rhode Island Aquatics Hall of Fame.

Jay Peluso on SUP. Open Water Swim

He runs Peluso Open Water, where he coaches triathletes and open water swimmers and organizes the Swim RVA Open H20 Race Series in Richhmond, VA. 

We talked about: 

  • His background in competitive swimming, and how some unique skills from water polo helped his triathlon swim
  • How to introduce a new swimmer to open water
  • The differences between technique and tactics in pool swimming versus open water (including stroke length and utilization of kick)
  • (Almost) Everything you ever wanted to know about wetsuits (no….we didn’t ask about peeing in them)
  • How often triathletes should swim, and what do those sessions look like?
  • Benefits of open water swim races for triathletes