Pre-Race Preparation

Lana, Derek and Chris discuss some tips on preparing for a specific race–from registration and planning to the morning of the race.

Covering topics like:

  • What should an athlete look at before committing money and registering for the race
  • Selecting a race that requires additional travel besides driving across town on race morning
  • What information sources can you consult to learn about a race
  • What are some of the best ways to get the best bang for your buck, training-wise, aside from visiting the course and training on it?
  • How do you go about making sure your gear is ready for the race
  • What are some absolute go-to, must-do workouts or training exercises you should do before a race
  • Let’s talk about taper… when normally exhausted hungry athletes get just plain crazy
  • During this tapering/peaking period, what else should you do to be at your best on race day?
  • What you should do the day before the race