Purple Patch Fitness Coach Matt Dixon on the Fast-Track Triathlete

We talked to Purple Patch Fitness founder and coach Matt Dixon about how busy triathletes can still have it all with a low-time training approach detailed in his brand-new book “Fast-Track Triathlete.”


Joining us was Purple Patch age-group athlete Joseph Hicks from Farragut, TN. Before starting with Matt, he weighed just 118 pounds and pushed intensity like crazy. Matt’s coaching helped him add some functional weight and power to sustain time trial and climbing efforts on the bike as well as to reduce intensity to manageable levels. Thanks to the improved results, Joseph is headed to the 2018 70.3 World Championships in South Africa.

Some topics covered include:

  • Why do many triathletes fall for the “more must be better” approach to training time?
  • If intensity is a counter-balance to volume, how much should intensity be increased on a low-time training plan?
  • Why functional strength training is worth the time to squeeze in–even in a low-time, low-volume plan
  • How much training fatigue and stress is too much?
  • How flexibility in training and “optional” workouts can contribute to balance in life and longevity in the sport

Enter to win a copy of “Fast-Track Triathlete” here. (Contest ends 10/16/2017 at 12pm EDT).

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