Record-Breaking Masters Runner and Coach Pete Magill

Pete Magill is pretty darn fast for an old guy. OK, that should really read “record-breakingly fast.”

After a nearly two-decade hiatus from running working jobs that were not terribly friendly to fitness (nightclub manager on an island and screenwriter in California) and battling through some substance abuse issues, Pete made a roaring comeback in the master’s running circuit, setting the 5K world record for athletes 49 and up with a 14:45 performance.

He also holds American records for 5K, 10K and the second-fastest half-marathon time for those 50 and up.

Running on a masters cross-country team built his interest in coaching, and he just released his third book (SpeedRunner).

We talked about:

  • Why leg speed is so critical (and often overlooked)
  • Adapting training for short and long distance runners
  • Why strength training is essential
  • How to avoid overuse injures in what can be a grinding sport
  • Tips for runners 40+ to keep healthy and uninjured
  • His work with the California Triathlon Club (and why the heck he hasn’t done a triathlon yet!


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