Round Table: Inside the Twisted Mind of a First-Time 140.6 Triathlete

Chris Gerard racing Fall Creek Falls Olympic Triathlon August 2017

In this impromptu roundtable, one-and-done Ironman Derek Tingle quizzes host Chris Gerard at the eight-week-out mark from his first 140.6 at Michigan Titanium.

Chris Gerard's pain face near the end of the Hal Canfield DKX Milefest 2018

Many topics were covered, most resulting in incredulous laughter on Derek’s part.

  • His questionable training choices swimming and biking last winter
  • How a different  approach helped in the first 70.3 of the season
  • How he’s adjusting to the calmer, slower pace needed for the 140.6
  • How his training has changed to tackle the full
  • How he can put up with the most repetitive of courses
  • For the first time on the podcast, Chris tells “The Mountain Bike Century” story. If you do nothing else, skip to about the 35 minute mark and revel in the naivete and stupidity of Chris’s first century ride.


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