Roundtable: How We’re Planning our 2018 Race Season

In this round-table discussion, Lana, Derek and Chris talk about their 2018 race plans, how they go about planning a season, choosing races, and what they’re looking to get out of the upcoming year.

Topics we covered include:

  • SettingĀ process-focused goals
  • Different ways to plan out a race season (Performance-oriented, race-oriented, qualification-oriented and participation-oriented)
  • How using a coach or trusted adviser can help keep you from doing too many races, or the wrong race at the wrong time.
  • Factors we consider when selecting races (scheduling, cost, travel, course, and others)
  • How we make travelling to races a bit less stressful
  • Who to ask for good race report information

This is part one of three of a round table we’re having on planning, executing and learning from our 2018 race season. Installment two will focus on individual race prep and strategy. The third installment will talk about reviewing results after a race to learn and refine future training and racing strategy.