Running Man Charlie Engle

Charlie Engle has a hell of a story. From a serious alcohol and cocaine addiction in his twenties, to the pinnacle of the ultra running world, his thirst for challenge is insatiable.

Charlie has dabbled in triathlon (doing Ironman Hawaii a month after another ultra where he and several hundred other races contracted leptospirosis) and cycling (Race Across America).

Charlie Engle in North Carolina
Via Facebook. Used by permission.

How He Does It

We talked for nearly an hour, covering topics like his incredible Run Across the Sahara (and how inaccessible many of those countries are today). We explored his training routines and the psychology of how he approaches a race, as well as what motivates him to largely sign up for new races rather than repeat the same race year after year.

Charlie Engle Running the Sahara
Via Facebook. Used by permission.

Upcoming Plans

His 2017 race calendar includes Badwater: Cape Feare, the Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie, Run 4 Water, Badwater 135, and a run across Rwanda to raise money for Library For All .

His big project-in-planning? Run from the lowest place on earth (The Dead Sea) to the highest (Mount Everest). Because why not?

Charlie Engle Badwater Crew
Via Facebook. Used by permission.

Check out his memoir “Running Man” and follow him on social media and at his website


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