Susan Haag on Full Distance Triathlon

Susan Haag is headed for full distance triathlon number 100 before 2016 is out. On this episode, she shares some of the crazy experiences she’s racked up in her years of racing.

With nearly 375 triathlons, and 95 (94 as of our recording) full-distance races, Susan is undoubtedly the most-raced full-distance female triathlete.

We talk about her first Ironman (on two weeks notice, in a foreign country) and what she had to do to get a visa, cover in-race nutrition  via hamburger (McDonald’s good, WhiteCastle bad) and why Slimfast isn’t the best choice for your aero bottle. Also, the hazards of being a germaphobic triathlete (including a PowerBar that came with bonus DNA) and a comparison of Ironman and other “Full Distance” races.

Susan also sits on the board for USA Triathlon, and is on the team at Rev3 Multisport.

Remaining 2016 Races

9/25–Ironman Chattanooga
10/1–Ironman Maryland
10/8–Ironman Louisville
10/22–Great Floridian Triathlon (Full Distance)
11/5–Ironman Florida
11/13–MiamiMan Triathlon (Half Distance)
11/27–Ironman Cozumel

Music Credits

Intro Music Jazzhar “1000 Miles” 

Bumper Music Lee Rosevere “Late Night Tales” 

Close Music by Brandon Liew “Fight”