Triathlete and Coach Kristen Seymour of Fit Bottomed Girls

On this show, we talk to Kristen Seymour, co-owner of the Fit Bottomed Girls brand. The site just celebrated it’s 10th year with a new look and a combination of their sites into one. Kristen is a triathlete and USAT Level One Coach and writes extensively on nutrition, goal setting, and many other topics. She’s heard weekly on the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast.


  • The Fit Bottomed Girls story (yes, the name is based on the Queen song)
  • Kristen’s path into triathlon
  • How she decided to become a USAT Level One coach
  • How she approaches race goal-setting for herself and her athletes
  • A recent article she wrote for Coeur about balancing triathlon with socializing with your non-triathlon friends (if you’ve got any, that is 😉 )
  • How joining a track club made training more social and enjoyable for her
  • Her take on “Doga” (Yoga with Dogs) for USA Today (which then spun off into a five minute detour into talking about pets:) )


Follow Kristen online on Twitter: (@kgseymour ) and weekly on the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast. Find her writing on the Fit Bottomed Girls website and in many other health, fitness and general interest publications.