Triathlon Nutrition with Lizzy Miller, RDN

Just in time for the peak of race season (and those summertime cookouts), we brought Lizzy Miller on the show to talk about how to eat like a champion. We cover topics including:
  • What do the various “nutrition” titles mean? What is a dietitian? What is a nutritionist? Can someone be both? What training is required?
  • What is the biggest health myth out there? 
  • Where can someone find reliable nutrition information?
  • Can a triathlete lose weight and stay in top competitive form at the same time?
  • How daily diet is critical to triathlon success–not just what you eat during or after a race. 
Lizzy also shares about her own eating disorder–and how triathlon helped her overcome it, as well as the signs and symptoms of disordered eating.  She’s been racing since 2008.