How to Win With Winter Swimming – Iron Tribe Coach Robbie Bruce

Robbie Bruce says it simply. “The bigger the mesh bag, the slower the swimmer.  Too many triathletes over-complicate the swim with endless drills and a ton of swim training tools.

In this episode, Robbie, talks about how to keep things simple with just a pull buoy, swim band and hand paddles (the right size…not the size of a pan pizza box like he accuses some male triathletes of using).

We get Robbie’s input on a variety of topics, including:

  • Pacing, strategy and training for the different triathlon swim distances
  • Most important variables to control for beginning and advanced swimmers
  • Keeping open water skills sharp in the pool over the winter
  • Are flip turns worth learning?

Robbie is the Director of Iron Tribe Fitness, Kansas City , and a regular on the Crushing Iron blog and podcast . You can find him on Twitter (@Bruce_RTB) and reach him at  615-878-7159 if you’re interested in coaching.