“Women Who Tri” Author Alicia DiFabio

Alicia DiFabio didn’t dive head-first into triathlon at the first opportunity. In fact, she figured she would be the last one to succumb to the triathlon craze. A combination of the professional curiosity and perhaps a little peer pressure from the 900-woman strong Mullica Hills Tri Club got her across the first finish line.

Alicia DiFabio Women Who Tri

In her book “Women Who Tri: A Reluctant Athlete’s Journey Into the Heart of America’s Newest Obsession,” DiFabio explores the explosion of popularity that triathlon has had, particularly among women. She investigates the influence of triathlon being a sport that was open to women from its founding, as opposed to many Olympic sports and marathons that discouraged or outright banned female participation. 

Between investigating the history, present and future of women in triathlon, DiFabio also profiles over a dozen women of all backgrounds and levels who have used triathlon to improve their lives and the lives of others.



Check out Alicia’s website and follow her adventures of being a special needs mother at her blog “Lost in Holland.”  You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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